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Event Calendar

Physician Visits- Home Consultations

Elevation Station also offers Medical Marijuana Doctor visits each week. Our physician is State Approved and licensed to practice medicine as a Medical Doctor. Specializing in Medical Marijuana, he has seen first hand how effective it can be for an assortment of conditions. All information shared with our office is confidential and will not be released to anyone unless you approve the release.  All federal HIPAA guidelines are followed.
Appointments can be scheduled by enrolling via online registration HERE, or by calling us to reserve your appointment. Please call ahead if doing a walk in to be sure we have the space to see you!   


Informational Sessions
Periodically, we partner up with the Medical Marijuana Association to hold informational workshops that are open to the public, which means NO medical marijuana card is required.  The meetings are meant to keep patients and adult use consumers up to date as current events and new laws develop in the cannabis industry. We do offsite sessions as well, so please call us for details. We love field trips!

Caregiver-Patient Pairing
Elevation Station offers a unique program that pre-screens caregivers in an effort to match current medical marijuana patients with a qualified caregiver in their geographic area.  We host 'Caregiver Mixers' which allows pre-registered patients to come and view offerings, visit with the caregiver and decide if its a good match for you.  If not, try again during our next meeting as our Caregivers rotate!  
We are also taking applications for caregivers to join our program. If you'd like to be a member of the Pairing Program, click HERE

Events - Activities

COMING SOON! If you are interested in a membership with the Elevation Station, several benefits are included for you to enjoy! You will receive VIP status at our events, discounts on your purchases and such, please give us a call! Activities range from Cannabis Trivia Nights to Xbox tournaments. Events are available on a reservation only basis, first come first served.  New memberships are available by calling or visiting us.

Check the calendar often!  We have all kinds of great stuff happening!